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(DAY-675/T-MINUS 711 DAYS)


Too often do men look for conditions to be met before fulfilling promises; when elected officials unconditionally fulfill their promises made before Yahweh, the people flourish; yet, much too often the condition of the people goes ignored.

Too often we see politicians cozy up to corporate America, lobbying firms, Big Tech, the MSM, and any special interests who might fund their campaigns or hire them once they leave Congress; too often do they betray their oaths, the Word, and the Law of Yahweh.

Be on watch; learn to recognize these Judas of the day; hold tight as the wave of revival, reveals the adversary; hold tight and know the Love of Yahweh El Elyon is without condition.


Matthew 26:14-16


    Almighty and Eternal God, we pray for the charlatans who are in leadership positions; for those who have fallen for their deception; we also pray for the discernment to recognize those who know the True meaning of Service and those who know it not. Father, we pray for an end to the political games and for those who do not serve YOU to be completely exposed and removed. Lord God, we ask for the courage to examine our own hearts and to free ourselves from any special interest that prevents us from being True and Faithful Servants. And in the name of Yeshua, we declare, America shall be saved. AMEN!


(DAY-674/T-MINUS 712 DAYS)


Rather than living under the tyrannical rule of a government that ignored their freedoms; unified by their faith in God Almighty; founded upon Biblical principles; our forefathers embarked upon a quest for independence.

Known as the first American, Benjamin Franklin said, “Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature.” Our first president, George Washington, went on to say, “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the bible.”

The time has again come for national revival; now is the time to declare your faith, hope, love, and trust in Yahweh El Elyon; hold tight; stand united with and in Him as our forefathers taught us.


Psalm 22:4-5


    Almighty and Eternal God, grant us the grace to be bold and clear as we witness and message what it means to be one nation under God; help us to stand firm and hold tight in these days of trial and persecution; give us the courage and strength to glorify YOUR great name. Almighty God, help our nation’s leaders; reinforce them with wisdom from YOUR Word. And Lord God, Creator of all, we declare, America, shall be saved, in the name of Jesus Christ! AMEN!!


(DAY-673/T-MINUS 713 DAYS)


Voters’ remorse is something the MSM avoids reporting truthfully; rather than truth, the propagandist reports are merely word-salads; skillfully crafted; full of deception; designed to hoodwink the listeners into the false belief of being better off today than they were before 2o2o.

American patriots are now calling for facts and the truth; soon, all will see, know, and understand that the tenure of this current administration is based upon deceit, falsehoods, scripted lies, and censorship.

Illicit leaders; fraudsters; unjust outcomes; all shall be overturned and undone; hold tight; for, Yahweh El Elyon has already spoken.


1 Samuel 12:19-25


    Almighty and Eternal God, we thank YOU for holding our leaders accountable. We pray YOUR protection over the patriots who are calling for this White House to be held accountable; and that through each and every testimony, YOU would bring the truth to light. Father, we look forward and thank YOU for the opportunities to promote YOUR Word; and in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, America, shall once again be the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave; America, shall be saved and America shall always be YOURS. AMEN!


(DAY-672/T-MINUS 714 DAYS)


Today, there is much to be thankful for; had the 2o2o not turned out the way it did, the majority of the people would yet be complacent; the depth and degree of sinisterness this Babbelistic-Bidenite-Franchise is involved in, would still be unknown and hidden.

2o2o woke many up; now able to comprehend the left’s crusade to destroy America, the people are now standing to meet it head-on; let us be thankful for the victories of 2o22 and the realities the midterms confirmed; We the People, can never let-up; we must continue to fight against those out to kill, steal, and destroy America.

Knowing the enemy is half the battle; so, let us give thanks to Yahweh El Elyon for sending His Holy Spirit to awaken the people; let us give thanks for the obstacles and opportunities ahead; may the obstacles reaffirm our Faith; and let us use the opportunities to become true disciples of the WORD.


1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


    Almighty and Eternal God, we thank YOU for all YOU have done in 2022; we ask that YOU continue to move powerfully in our nation. Father God, we thank YOU for the innumerable blessings YOU have bestowed on America. By the Power of Holy Spirit and in the name of Yeshua, we declare, America, shall be saved. AMEN!


(DAY-671/T-MINUS 715 DAYS)


Much changed has there been in this world; yet the one constant which shall always remain unchanged is the Law of Yahweh El Elyon; His Law cannot be legislatively altered or removed; woe to any who believe otherwise.

The left-wing of the democratic party has completely wigged out; dragging the entirety of their party, as well as a dozen or so republicans into deep darkness; by their foolish attempt to circumvent Yahweh’s Law, this Babbelistic-Bidenite-Franchise, foolishly beckons His Judgement to shorten their days.

These are indeed days of change; for better or worse, depends upon each; those who stand for, and with Yahweh El Elyon, shall be rewarded and comforted; others shall be swept away in their own anguish.


Proverbs 4:18-19


    Almighty and Eternal God, we pray against all legislative attempts to redefine sexuality, gender, conception, marriage, and family. We pray that those working to do so, receive an unmistakable, vivid, revelation of YOUR Word; and that they reverse their attempts to circumvent YOUR Law. Father, we thank YOU and pray for those individuals who are standing up to fight for Truth and Justice in our elections; so that the righteous, God-fearing men and women, elected by YOUR People, can take their rightful places. Lord God Almighty, we declare in the name of YOUR Son, Yeshua, America, shall be saved. AMEN!




Let the people know, their power comes from Yahweh El Elyon; their power is reinforced by His Word; their power is guaranteed by the faith of their fathers.

Indeed, the founding fathers used their faith and all of their Spiritual Gifts to establish God given rights, freedoms, and power for the People.

No longer conditioned in ignorance, no longer powerless in our own eyes, for, we have been awakened in the Spirit, We the People shall reclaim the nation of our forefathers; a nation renewed in the WORD of Yahweh El Elyon; let there be glory.


Proverbs 4:3-5


    Almighty and Eternal God, we thank YOU for the faith of the pilgrims that built this nation. We pray that YOU would help us to emulate their faith today; help us to focus on YOU and what you’ve done for us. Father, we cry out to you for YOUR truth and justice to prevail in our nation; we pray that all election corruption would cease, the evidence of fraud be revealed to all, and let all rise up to stop it. Lord, let America find their hope in YOU and not in any man. Fill our lives with the repentance and life that comes from YOUR Spirit revealing Jesus as Savior; and in His mighty name, we declare, America, shall be saved. AMEN!


(DAY-669/T-MINUS 716 DAYS)


They came in under the radar; secretly mingling and mixing with the people; largely ignored, their attack from within was hidden by complacency; as they near control, no longer can their designs for America be kept under wraps.

No longer hidden, ignored, or dismissed; this attack from the bottom up; this attack from within is being reversed by the People; for, many People have been awakened and moved by Holy Spirit; and there shall be no stopping this movement.

This adversary shall not quit, or ever give up; nor shall his goal ever be accomplished; for, Victory belongs to Yahweh El Elyon and those who answer His call. Hold tight!


1 Samuel 3:8-9


    Almighty and Eternal God, we reject the false gospels, and those who twist YOUR Word to suit their personal desires. Father, we pray for revival and reversal in America. Father, we pray that YOUR Holy Spirit strengthen and renew YOUR Church; to strengthen each of us, as we fight this war, and to help us stand against the evil, immoral culture, that is pushing our nation toward depravity. And in the name of Yeshua, we declare, America, shall be saved. AMEN!


(DAY-668/T-MINUS 717 DAYS)


Adoneinu sees all; He is fully aware of all the secrets of the wicked.

Those who repent not, Adoneinu shall surround them with warring angels; none will escape punishment for their wickedness.

Stand your watch; hold the line and fear not; for Yahweh El Elyon has got this!


Numbers 11:23


Almighty and Eternal God, by the most powerful name of Yeshua, the Christ and Savior of the world, we declare, America, shall be saved. AMEN!


(DAY-667/T-MINUS 718 DAYS)


The TRUTH is being exposed; the MSM cannot lie fast enough to keep up. Just as the leaves of autumn must fall, so too shall these oppressive actions and their sponsors.

Rest not; for, the battle continues; know Yahweh El Elyon is with you; He has got this.


Isaiah 10:1-3


Almighty and Eternal God, By the most powerful name of Yeshua, the Christ and Savior of the world, we declare, America, shall be saved. AMEN!


(DAY-666/T-MINUS 719 DAYS)


The adversary remains; deep-rooted and established throughout; their entrenchment depends upon plausibility of their fabrications and deceitfulness.

Careful to not be caught perjuring themselves, their cunningness to side-step and deflect is a tactic which they now must rely upon more and more with each passing day.

The Light of Truth reveals the deceit of darkness and the Light of Truth emanates from the WORD of Yahweh El Elyon; let His Light shine for all to see.


Matthew 21:24-27


    Almighty and Eternal God, we pray and ask for total exposure of all things hidden in the darkness by unrighteous people for unrighteous purposes, and for justice to be served for YOUR people. We ask that YOU shine your light in the darkness allowing the American people to know and understand exactly what has transpired behind closed doors in every corner of our nation. Father, it is in YOU we fear and trust; it is through YOUR Holy Spirit we are given hope for America. Through YOU Lord God, we shall overcome and defeat the adversary and all the evil liars, and demonic political planners shall be removed. By the most powerful name of Yeshua, the Christ and Savior of the world, we declare, America, shall be saved. AMEN!