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(DAY-801/T-MINUS 585 DAYS)


America does not need a leader who projects himself as being the [anointed] editor-in-chief of the Holy Bible; the arrogance of this fellow reaches new heights when he says, every child is “made in the image of God” but omits, “God created them male and female.”

This fellow, who twists and distorts the Word of YHWH, is merely a hollow puppet; for, he has long ago surrendered his mantle along with his integrity; his walk is on display for all to see; woe.

Not unlike many others, this one too, has sown seeds of contempt in an effort to divide the nation and separate us from the True Word of YHWH EL ELYON; listen not to mouths of fools; hold tight; stay in the WORD.


Proverbs 18:6-8


    Almighty, Eternal God, and Father, we pray for those who twist and distort YOUR Word. We ask that Holy Spirit come to such people and reveal YOUR Truth. Father, we ask that YOU change their hearts; give them the courage and wisdom to do YOUR. Lord, by the power and authority of Holy Spirit, we command these vile shadowy spirits of darkness to be gone and leave our nation; and in the name of Yeshua, we declare, America, shall be saved. Amen.


(DAY-800/T-MINUS 586 DAYS)


Seeds of contempt, sown by dishonorable men, have taken root in many hearts; seedlings, nurtured over time by the fake-news, have now come to flower; these blossoms of disdain and hate, are unlike anything ever witnessed in this Land [of the Free].

With each attack, agents of the adversary underscore their hatred and fear of the Truth; now kinetic, the spiritual battle can no longer be foolishly dismissed; those who think this enemy is not also after them, need to wake up.

Arise oh people; get in the fight; now is the season to engage the enemy; now is the time to wield the Word of YHWH EL ELYON; arise oh people and hold tight.


Proverbs 18:1-3


    Almighty, Eternal God, and Father, we pray that the Fire of YOUR Holy Revival would continue to sweep across the nation. Lord, we pray that every individual in America would be brought to YOU. Father, we pray for an end to the senseless violence and the attacks upon YOUR people. And in the name of Yeshua, we declare, America, shall be saved. AMEN!


(DAY-799/T-MINUS 587 DAYS)


That which is in the heart, mind, and soul, leads a man to his actions and deeds; in order to transform and overcome the world, the hearts, minds, and souls of men must be transfigured; let the Revival of Holy Spirit touch each heart, come to every mind, and dwell in each soul.

True believers are called to end their neighbors’ ignorance; so, let those who are counted among the Mighty Men of God, share His Good News without hesitation; let not the darkness stifle any man’s freedom to choose; rather let each see the LIGHT; and allow Holy Spirit to guide their choice.

The world judges men according to their actions; YHWH EL ELYON judges according to that which is in our hearts, minds, and souls; therefore, embrace Him with all your heart, mind, and soul; hold tight unto Him; stay in HIS WORD.


John 16:32-33


    Almighty, Eternal God, and Father, we pray that YOUR holy revival fire would sweep across the nation. Bring every individual in America to YOU. Father, we ask that YOU rise up and judge the evil in our nation. Have mercy on YOUR People, but “let God arise, let His enemies be scattered; let those also who hate Him flee before Him.” Lord, we declare that America is the land of the free, and that we will stay that way! Father, we sever the enemy and his evil agenda and declare, in the name of Yeshua, America, shall be saved. AMEN!


(DAY-798/T-MINUS 588 DAYS)


Even to this day, there are echoes of Obama’s sarcastic intent and delivery of his 2009 message, “Elections have consequences,” and in case there is any doubt, “I won.” Rather than fulfilling his mandate to unify the nation, this fellow cultivated division instead; doubt not, the people are feeling the dire consequences of this path.

No longer bound, spiritual entities and powers, seized upon the season; now unleashed they are now free to attack any and all who carry the Cyrus Anointing; Satan, knows well the Word of YHWH; he will stop at nothing to obscure it.

Holy Spirit is on the move, let not the day pass, without embracing the Word and Love of YHWH EL ELYON; hold tight; stay in His Word.


John 15:18-19


    Almighty, Eternal God, and Father, we thank YOU for granting leaders the discernment to hear and know YOUR Voice, the humbleness to listen to the people, the wisdom to stay in YOUR Word, and the courage to abide by YOUR Will. Lord, we reject the lies of the enemy and pray for each to seek repentance and turn back to YOU. Father, we declare, in the name of YOUR most holy Son, Jesus Christ, America, shall be saved. AMEN!!


(DAY-797/T-MINUS 589 DAYS)


A land once flowing with “milk and honey” has become an unattended garden; thistles, bristling with thorns, have been allowed to enter, take root, and spring up; the beauty, freshness, and the health of the fruit is being strangled.

The misguided think, piling on more manure, will correct the problem; and there are still others, who would foolishly have the entire garden tilled over, than do the tedious work of pruning and weeding.

As members of the Ekklesia, we know YHWH EL ELYON is the Master Gardener; it is He who prunes us with His discipline; and it is He who fertilizes us with HIS WORD; hold tight; stay in the Word.


John 15:1-6


    Almighty, Eternal God, and Father, we freely admit, that as a nation, we have strayed from YOUR Word and have allowed the seeds of complacency, miscontent, selfish pride, greed and lust to enter YOUR beloved nation. Father, we cling to YOUR promise to forgive and heal us if we turn from our wickedness and back to YOU. Almighty Lord God, and Father of all, we pray for a complete healing of our nation; and we declare, in the name of Jesus Christ and by the Power of YOUR Holy Spirit, America, shall be saved. AMEN!!


(DAY-796/T-MINUS 590 DAYS)


Those who are awake, standing their watch, those with eyes to see, from out of the darkness, they see the beginning of the new day, regardless of their position, those who know what to look for, all witness the same sunrise; and rejoice in the Light of the World.

So many people have grown dependent upon the words of the MSM for their news; but to those who are awake, whose eyes, ears, and hearts have been opened, know that being absent from daily headlines, does not mean the GOOD NEWS is not alive and thriving in the world.

Holy Spirit is on the move, spreading across the land, touching one heart at a time; rejoice and celebrate in the WORD of YHWH EL ELYON; enter and walk with Him in the coolness of each day; let the Father’s love embrace you.


John 14:15-17


    Almighty, Eternal God, and Father, we thank YOU for YOUR Holy Spirit; we thank YOU for opening our ears, eyes, hearts, minds, and souls so that Holy Spirit may live in each of us. We pray lord, that YOU continue to shed YOUR Light upon America; we pray for Holy Spirit to come into the hearts of all YOUR children; especially our social, church, military, and governmental leaders; open all ears, eyes, hearts, minds, and souls to YOUR GOOD NEWS. And Father, we declare, in the name of Jesus, who is the Light of the World, that the GOOD NEWS shall spread across America; America, shall return to YOU; America, shall once again, walk in YOUR Way; and according to YOUR Will, America, shall be saved. AMEN!


(DAY-795/T-MINUS 591 DAYS)


The heat is on; a tyrannical regime has taken hold of America; they shamelessly stoke the flames of oppression and persecution; and they will keep turning up the heat, attacking the fundamental rights of the people, for as long as they are able.

Censoring, any who speak the truth against you… demeaning, those who live according to the WORD… criminalizing and jailing, all who oppose your doctrine; these oppressive tactics do not represent the love Jesus commanded of us.

These Bidenites are a stiff-necked people; they have hardened their hearts against the WORD of YHWH EL ELYON; for, what they do, is not favorable before His eyes, nor do they abide by His Love.


John 13:34-35


    Almighty, Eternal God, and Father, we pray for the love of Jesus to come upon America in order to extinguish any and all fires of hatred and persecution that currently exist in our government, our churches, our families, and even our own hearts. Father, we are in desperate need, and ask for YOUR Holy Spirit to continue moving across the land and through the people. Lord, let YOUR Fires of Revival be the backfire set in the hearts of YOUR people; giving us the courage and strength required to prevent any further spread, and to extinguish the tyrannical flames of hatred, oppression and persecution. And Lord God, we declare, in the name of Jesus, America, shall be saved. Amen.


(DAY-794/T-MINUS 592 DAYS)


Awake, oh brothers and sisters; awake and walk in the coolness of the day with YHWH; spend time in conversation with your Father; each day ask Holy Spirit to open your eyes and ears, and to cleanse your heart.

Though the way before you would appear to be treacherous and laced with turmoil, listen for His Voice; let His Word guide your steps; and when you stumble, lean upon Him; trust Him in all things; He will not abandon His children.

Let not the dust of your daily walk nor the tarnish of turmoil remain upon your feet; let not the day end without giving thanks and repenting before YHWH EL ELYON; hold tight brothers and sisters to the holiness of your creation; embrace the Father’s Love, Promise and Truth.


John 13:10-11


    Almighty, Eternal God, and Father, we thank YOU for being our Father; for loving us, despite ourselves; we thank YOU for YOUR Love and the Salvation of YOUR Son. Father, we admit our faults; even though YOU created us in YOUR image, we are not without sin. As YOUR children, Father, we ask YOUR forgiveness. Lord Father, we ask that we are fully cleansed and purified by the healing waters of Holy Spirit. Lord, we pray for our nation; we pray for YOUR Holy Spirit continue to touch each and every man, woman, and child and turn our country back to YOU. Father, we declare in the name of Yeshua, America, shall be saved! Amen.


(DAY-793/T-MINUS 593 DAYS)


All has been foretold; doubt not the WORD of the LORD; the adversary, AKA the prince of darkness, knows well the WORD of the LORD all too well; in his quest to subdue the people, Satan is relentlessly at work, trying to deprive the people of the WORD.

Let there be no mystery as to why the scamdemic was forced upon the world; why the people were told to mask and segregate themselves; why churches were forced to closed; even today, there is a fire burning, threatening to take down the prophetic house.

Rise up oh people and stand in the WORD of YHWH EL ELYON; reject the world of darkness; reject a world void of the WORD; stand firm; hold tight; live and walk in the LIGHT a WORLD.


Psalm 74:7-8


    Almighty, Eternal God, and Father, we pray to YOU and ask that YOU break off the spiritual bondage and moral decay now being experienced in America. Lord we ask that our civic leaders and legislators are touched by the Fire of Holy Spirit; giving them the courage to author and pass biblical legislation; legislation according to YOUR WORD and Will; especially legislation against the abominations of transgenderism and abortion. Father, we pray that YOUR Holy Spirit change the hearts of all leaders; giving each the understanding of what it means to be a bondservant in the service of Christ. And Lord Father, we declare, in the name of Jesus, America, shall be saved. AMEN!


(DAY-792/T-MINUS 594 DAYS)


Propaganda aimed at halting the resulting fallout of Truth Bombs is futile; for, unlike a lie, the Truth cannot be untold; the fake-news attempts to cover their lies by spewing more, and more, even bigger, fantastic lies.

Wokeness has awakened and caused the people to cry out; YHWH indeed hears; for, He answers their cry by sending His Holy Spirit to move among the people; woe unto any who reject Him; for, the hemorrhage of deceitfulness and lies will drain their souls.

The deceit and lies, designed by the enemy, to perpetuate fear, have no power before the Word of YHWH EL ELYON; their propaganda withers before His TRUTH; stay in the WORD and hold tight.


Proverbs 16:27-30


    Almighty, Eternal God, and Father, we thank YOU for this move of Holy Spirit which is spreading across the land and through the people. Lord we pray that the Truth not only replaces all the deceit and lies being spewed by the fake-news, but there be complete halt to the propaganda according to YOUR Will. Lord, there is much going on in these days and we ask for the strength to deal with the heaviness around us. Father, give us the eyes to see what YOU are doing, the ears to continually hear YOUR Word, and the hearts to accept YOUR Discipline and Love. And Lord Father God, we declare in the name of Jesus, America is turning back to YOU… and America, shall be saved. AMEN!