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The count in the U.S. Congress of those retiring completely from politics is now up to 21. Career politicians are having a change of heart as more and more TRUTH is revealed to the people.

Whether they are running to hide from, or have found the TRUTH, an Opportunity is being provided to replace them with men and women of FAITH who would righteously represent and protect the people.

Hold tight; the Great Fall continues as the LORD has said; for He has got this!


Hebrews 11:7


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3 thoughts on “21NOV2021

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:

    Look at what we have as a so called president and vp along with all of the being in bed with Communist Atheist China’s CCP for decades, who are quickly out maneuvering America and will gain the upper hand on all fronts to conquer! The corruption of the political system is complete as I see it; Deep State can’t get any deeper or more ugly than this failed government system that has been thoroughly corrupted and corrupting for many decades with both the CIA and FBI running a con for the most part against the People with the MSM being controlled as a weapon to manipulate, brainwash and subdue the Citizenry! They already have countless minions; aka actual classified domestic terror groups like Antifa or BLM backed by absolute traitors like Soros along with many elected officials and Big Tech titans, etc.; this crony government hands them all a license to carry out leftist communist agendas and worse, which is not something that can be repaired at this stage! That would require millions of Americans being prosecuted and incarcerated; some even executed, which is never going to happen, to think otherwise would be delusional; so reality is reality! Justice is a sham and a mockery, so anyone that thinks things will turn around is being deceived again or only kidding themself! This coming from me; once the eternal optimist!


  2. Lawrence, I understand your frustration and until I was awakened by Holy Spirit, I too felt as you do. Step back; take some time alone and allow the Voice of Holy Spirit calm your heart. Let your eyes, ears and heart be open and receptive of the LORD’S word; for He speaks to each of us daily both individually and through His anointed prophets. (Yes, they are with us today – prophets are not limited to the pages of the Bible.)

    A Great Fall and God’s Reset has been promised; KEEP THE FAITH!


  3. The prophet Zechariah said 2/3 shall be cut off to die and a third brought through the fire. (Zech. 13:7-9) God does indeed have this and I’m absolutely sure he knows his own plan, which has phases in the process of being fulfilled and we are seeing them unfold. It does seem confusing at times. Even to me! That is why we have to stay in the blueprint and check ourselves to ensure the specifications are being met. The Son is the builder of the family name of His Father. We must let the spirit of truth guide us with the other spirits. (Isaiah 11:2, Rev. 19:10, John 14:16-18) These make up the seven spirits of God, the totality of sacred spirit. (Rev. 3:1) LOLGB+

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